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Process Mining

Business Process Excellence

ahead of the competition

thanks to efficient, flexible and intelligent processes

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Hyper Automation

Understanding processes – from value creation to administration

Process analysis, identification of inefficiencies and automation of operations are essential for a successful digital transformation. However, they are often implemented separately – hyper-automation, on the other hand, helps you to integrate all components of process automation. With process mining, BPA and RPA, you can quickly achieve process excellence and optimise your business processes in a holistic manner.

"Wer die Prozesse im Unternehmen nicht beherrscht, beherrscht das ganze Unternehmen nicht."

William Edwards Deming

Ein ganzheitlicher Ansatz für Ihre Prozesse

Der Schlüssel zur Kostensenkung und Produktivitätssteigerung

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Business Process Excellence Consulting

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Business Process Excellence Consulting
Identify weaknesses. Optimize and automate processes.

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

Every business process must be holistically recorded and understood. Only with a 360-degree view of processes can they be improved and accelerated, leading to greater efficiency.

What does Business Process Excellence Consulting mean?

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

Before processes in a company are analyzed and optimized using suitable software, an expert is needed to take a closer look at processes.

We support companies in their cross-company process management. Our focus is on process consulting. Process optimization and process automation.

Operational Excellence Consulting

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

We ensure that your core processes in the value chain are continuously analyzed and optimized with regard to effectiveness and efficiency. With Hyper Automation you will remain competitive in the future.

With Process Mining to Process Excellence

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

Process Mining enables the analysis and visualization of complex processes. Errors, inefficiencies such as unnecessary duplication & process deviations are identified and can be eliminated. Learn more now.

Optimize your business processes

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

We inform you about the potential of your processes - contact us now.

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