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A single location for all your documents

Digital document management provides flexibility and is ideal for teams working in different departments or locations. Employees have access to the latest version of all documents and data at all times and can share or edit them simultaneously. Thanks to this structured filing system, all information is available company-wide at the push of a button and without the need for lengthy searches.

Structure your documents

and promote file transparency

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DMS Consulting

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DMS Consulting - Stop the paper flood

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

We offer the convenient solution for electronic archiving in Munich and surroundings.

DMS + BPM = The key to more productivity

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

They make the various processes in the company more transparent and efficient. Whether contract management or the processing of incoming invoices.Whether workflow DMS, DMS Process, document management workflow or document workflow: We shed light on the term Jungle.

Integrate output management software

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

Extend the DMS flexibly with an output management system. Support document output management and generate documents, Excel files or e-mails with data from different sources.

Audit-proof archiving software

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

Would you like to enable audit-proof document archiving? With digital storage in a DMS, legally compliant and audit-proof archiving is no problem.

Document Filing Software

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

Never search for documents again with a document management software. All files are clearly arranged and structured in the DMS online.

DMS interfaces

Connect numerous third-party systems to your DMS solution, such as SAP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics CRM and many more.

Document Management with SharePoint

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

With a SharePoint DMS (document management system SharePoint) you integrate a central and comprehensive work platform for digital document storage and management.

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Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

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Digital document management as part of the Digital Workplace

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

With a DMS with SharePoint, you are moving towards the digital workplace. Learn more about the Digital Workplace, its components Intranet and Workstream Collaboration as well as our consulting services. Learn more!

... Halvotec Digital Experts: Your DMS consultant

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

Consulting DMS and implementation of the appropriate solution: We support you holistically in identifying and implementing the right solution.
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