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Portal Management Intranet App
Portal Manager

Create team and project rooms

Benefits Intranet App

Communicate employee benefits

HR Info Intranet App
HR Info

Publish news from the personnel department

Quizz Intranet App

Increase employee knowledge

Design Intranet App
Design Manager & Navigation

Design and structure

Digital Signage Intranet App
Digital Signage

Provide content on large screens


Publish canteen plans

Intranet Apps
Employee Directory

Display employee contact data

Digitaler Arbeitsplatz

Publish company news

Editor Tools Intranet Apps
Content Navigator

Structure documents and data


Obtain employee feedback

Schwarzes Brett
Bulletin Board

Provide digital bulletin board

Intranet Apps

Share events

Editor Intranet App
Editor Tools

Making the portal user-friendly

Intranet Apps
Quick Links

Lead to the desired content

Kanban Intranet App
Kanban Board

Visualize tasks of a project

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News Intranet Apps

News App

Corporate communication on the next level.

Communicates news and information at the push of a button and adapts it to language or the desired target group.

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Content Navigation Intranet App

Content Navigator App

Structure documents and data.

Provides employees with all important documents and data centrally and clearly arranged, regardless of where they are stored.

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Canteen Intranet Apps

Canteen App

The daily view into the canteen plan.

Publishes menus and offers many configuration options: Display of images and ingredients as well as selection of language and currency depending on the location.

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Employee Directory Intranet Apps

Employee Directory App

Find and contact employees.

The employee directory is the central reference work for all contact information in the company.

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Survey Intranet App

Survey App

Obtain feedback quickly.

Small survey to obtain employee opinions quickly and anonymously.

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Bulletin Board Intranet Apps

Bulletin Board App

The marketplace for employees.

Publishes offers and requests from employees on the digital bulletin board.

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Events Intranet App

Events App

Inform about events.

Announces upcoming events at a central location and offers many options for categorizing events.

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Editor Tools Intranet App

Editor Tools App

For best usability in portal webparts.

For user-friendly design of the portal, such as contact information, image sliders, PressClip or open positions.

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Quick Links Intranet App

Quick Links App

Fast to the desired content.
Links in different display variations such as link lists, tiles with icons or banners quickly lead to the desired content.

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Portal Management Intranet App

Portal Manager App

Facilitates digital collaboration.

Automated creation of team and project rooms in self-service based on different, multilingual room templates

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Benefits Intranet App

Benefits App

Share employee benefits.

Communicates additional benefits and advantages that the company offers to employees.

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HR Info Intranet App

HR Info App

News from the HR department.

Partly information from the HR department e.g. personnel changes or anniversaries.

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Quizz Intranet App


News from the HR department.

Shares information from the HR department e.g. personnel changes or anniversaries.

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Design Intranet App

Design Manager App

Design and structure for your intranet.

Designs the portal using predefined page layouts and optimize user-friendly navigation through the intranet.

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Kanban Intranet App

Kanban Board App

Visualize tasks of a project.

Displays tasks, their assignment to project members and their status clearly and allows quick editing via drag and drop.

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Digital Signage Intranet App

Digital Signage App

Important content on Screens.

Binds employees in factories or factory halls into communication and provides, for example, news or canteen plans on large screens for specific locations.

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Making your intranet more powerful

There is no such thing as a perfect intranet. Each company has different requirements: The intranet may be a simple tool for internal communication or a crucial nexus for everyday work through the integration of additional applications. A comprehensive search function, the provision of relevant news and user-friendly operation (also via smartphones) are essential. You can also select additional functions for your company, and we will then adapt our apps to your requirements.

The guide to your portal

Employees will reject a new company portal if they are not trained in how to use it. AppNavi provides targeted and direct access to knowledge about processes and tools, acts as a digital guide to the portal and helps your employees whenever assistance is needed. This makes it very easy to learn how to use the intranet.

Intranet Apps AppNavi Partner

Functions that your intranet needs

Working in teams, exchanging content, integrating employees and much more

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Intranet Applications - Quick extension for any SharePoint portal

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

Our Intranet Apps are the modular add-on solution for any SharePoint enterprise portal. Increase the range of functions with, for example, the Kanban Board App, the Digital Signage App or the Bulleting Board App quickly and cost-effectively. The apps comply with our best practices without any additional development effort.

SharePoint applications: For SharePoint OnPremise and Office 365 / Microsoft 365

SharePoint Kanban: Visualize the tasks of a project including assignment and status

SharePoint Surveys: Get quick feedback from your employees via small surveys

SharePoint News: Communicate news and information from the company at the push of a button

Intranet Info-Hub: The central place for information and communication for your employees

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

Our apps offer these advantages:

High degree of configuration, fast installation, independent function modules, investment security and continuous development.

Expand your intranet into a collaboration portal

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

Take corporate communications and collaboration to a new level. Use digital team and project rooms for collaboration via the intranet. Or use Microsoft Teams as a corporate chat and tool for document storage and online meetings. Encourage collaboration from any location - no matter what device you use. Learn more about the collaboration functions for your digital workplace.

Are you interested in our apps?

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

We would be happy to give you a live insight into our apps.

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