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Monitoring success

It's important to continuously monitor the exact impact of the changes you make. With process mining, you will receive access to comprehensive insights into performance and alerts whenever something goes wrong.

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From Process Mining to Hyperautomation

Get access to intelligent analytics of your digital process data. With process mining, you can increase the efficiency of your IT, sales and customer service operations or your supply chains. The smoother the processes, the better the experience for employees and customers. Over time, however, friction loss will creep in, either in the form of departmental silos, manual detours or divergent systems. The latest AI technology and intelligent algorithms will help you to identify these sources of friction and to remove them from your processes.

Get to the bottom of inefficiencies

with a digital footprint of your processes

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Process Mining Consulting

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Process Mining Consulting and Data Mining Consulting
We identify weak points and optimize processes.

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

Get to the bottom of the inefficiencies in your processes

SAP Process Mining orCelonis Process Mining

We help you to choose the right process mining software

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

With Process Mining we show you how your processes actually work, where problems arise and why.

Process Mining and BPM: An unbeatable combination

Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

With Process Mining you dive into the shallows of your data and BPM gives you the necessary foresight by uncovering paths and variants of a process. More about BPM

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Halvotec Digital Experts Plus

Fully exploit the process potential. Start with Process Mining. - We support you in doing so. Request now

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